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Retiree Health Care Benefits

One of my concerns and initiatives relates to assuring the well-being of our county employees right here in Eaton County… I am a former classified employee and bureaucrat with a 30+ year career in public service in Michigan state government. I presently live on a pension from the state of Michigan, and I am especially sensitive to the needs and concerns of senior citizens and public servants who give years of their life in service to their fellow citizens.

Eaton county government is presently considering a proposal to limit or withdraw retiree health care benefits for some of the presently employed Eaton county employees. I have begun to solicit feedback from constituents and county employees on this topic to help me finalize a position on what should be done regarding future retiree benefits. I am aware of the significant challenges to the financial well being of Eaton county which arise as the result of a significant presently unfunded liability for future benefit payments to employees who will be retiring in the future.

I will be seeking input from my fellow residents of Eaton County on this issue, and I encourage you to make your views on this issue known by contacting me or your County Commissioner. Your views are important. Please take the time to take a short survey of your opinions on this topic as well as other topics being considered by the board. Surveys on this website are updated and added frequently.

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