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Senior Citizens In Eaton County - Delta Township

One of my concerns and initiatives relates to assuring the well-being of our senior citizens right here in Eaton County… After all, I am a SENIOR CITIZEN too! I am a member of AARP, and I look forward to my monthly pension payment for my 30 years of service in state government to pay my monthly bills and put food on the table.

Senior citizens and retirees are in a somewhat precarious position in today’s society in that they have made plans based upon promises made while they were working which the next generation of workers and tax payers may not be able to support financially. This problem is aggravated now as more and more “baby boomers” are entering retirement, and the proportion of retirees to workers is rising. Only within the past couple of years, state government has begun to tax pension payments of retirees which were not previously taxed. Persons who retired after a careful analysis of their ability to meet financial needs which was based on pensions which were not taxed now find they have less money available to pay bills and expenses of living than they had been promised and anticipated when they decided to retire.

To some extent, the presently ongoing discussion at the Board of Commissioners relating to whether to continue health care benefits for some retirees reflects this trend to cut back on retirement benefits. I am interested in feedback and inquiries from residents of Eaton County relating to issues and topics impacting our senior residents. If you have comments, questions, or suggestions relating to this topic or any other topic affected by Eaton County government, please Contact Me or leave a comment on my “Eaton County Blog” or twitter account @CommissionerHTS.

I recommend you consider joining AARP today. The benefits and advocacy for the interests of senior citizens is great. I also strongly recommend that you visit the website of the TriCounty Office of Aging today. This agency is right here in the mid-Michigan area in Lansing, and the agency is a great source of information as well as advocacy for senior citizens and their interests!

More is Coming on this page on or before February 10, 2013. Come back and see what my thoughts are about meeting the needs of our senior citizens!