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I have long been an advocate for Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity in government and in Everyday Life in the Communities in Which WE live… I believe that great Human Relations in a Community go hand in had with Great Living Experiences.

In the 20+ years I have lived here in Eaton County I have watched my Delta Township neighborhood grow in Diversity and Acceptance of A very large VARIETY of people of different ethnic, racial, cultural and religious backgrounds. Eaton County has been blessed with friendly neighbors who strive not only to advance their own interests, but the interests of their neighbors. Even when this area has gone through some difficult economic times, the Cohesiveness of the Eaton County and Delta Township communities has endured and grown.

I believe that our county government needs to lead by example for our residents and our children to help them be welcoming of Diversity, and it also needs to be an advocate for acceptance of others and their differences. It is that belief that has led me to identify improving diversity in Eaton County government to be one of my Goals as Commissioner during the remainder of my term representing the 4th District here in Delta Township.

It is pretty obvious that historically Eaton County government has not been a diverse workplace. I have been encouraged in my Goal for diversity by the positive responses which I have witnessed to my call for setting goals for diversity. That encouragement has come from my fellow Commissioners on the Eaton Board, the County Controller, and Elected county Officials and Department heads. The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners has suggested that one way to initiate the process towards Diversity and EEO is to conduct a complete review of County Personnel and Hiring Policies and Practices to make sure “the process” does not stand in the way of assuring that Eaton County voluntarily addresses Diversity issues for the benefit of all Eaton County residents and workers. I look forward to that review effort!

I encourage each County Resident, County Employee, and Educator in Eaton County schools to Support True Diversity and Equal Opportunity in our Government and Educational Institutions! Our neighbors and our Children deserve this leadership and training.

Your Thoughts and Comments related to my Goal of Increasing Diversity and Equal Opportunity in County Government and Institutions is Solicited and Welcome. Please Contact Me, Tweet me @CommissionerHTS, or make a comment on “Howard’s Eaton County Blog”  to share YOUR thoughts about Diversity in our Community.

Below on this web page you will find a copy of Eaton County’s Diversity or EEO policy, and also Letters I recently sent to the Eaton County Sheriff and the Director of the Eaton County Department of Human Services (DHS, a State of Michigan agency). In those letters I ask those agencies to expand their efforts to assure Diversity within their work forces. I have also placed on this web page below a copy of the US Census report for 2010 which shows the significant increase in Diversity of the Population here in the 4th District of Eaton County (Delta Township), and also a Copy of a recent Eaton County EEO-1 report showing the Demographic Break Down of Eaton County’s employee workforce in the various departments of Eaton County government.

The Recent Eaton County Employment Data in those EEO-1 Reports Reflects almost NO Black, Brown, or Yellow Employees in Eaton County government.

Click on the Links below to view information on the websites of agencies responsible for Enforcement of Equal Employment Opportunity and Discrimination Laws in Eaton County:

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

The Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR)


Letter to Eaton County DHS Encouraging Diversity Review (DHS EEO Policy Statement Attached to Letter)




It is a policy of the Employer to provide equal employment opportunities to qualified persons without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, height, weight, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or any other legally protected status. Employees with disabilities who feel accommodation is needed to perform their job must notify the Controller in writing of the need for reasonable accommodation within 182 days after the date the employee knew or reasonably should have known that accommodation was needed. Failure to properly notify Eaton County will preclude any claim that Eaton County failed to accommodate the employee with the disability. Eaton County will make accommodations that do not pose an undue hardship to the County.


Delta Township 2010 Racial Census Breakdown Data and Recent Eaton County EEO-1 Reports

Below is a Portion of an Article in LSJ Published February 18, 2013 Which Describes Racially Offensive Behavior by the Michigan Department of Human Services against Delta Township Black Female; You can read the entire LSJ Article at this LSJ Website Location

Howard’s June 8, 2013 Letter to Editor and Policy Statement on Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity in Eaton County and Delta Township