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Economic Development Corporation Data and Initiatives

As we are all very much aware today, the future economic health of our community and the financial success of our businesses and families depend to a very large degree upon the financial health of businesses and industry within our geographic area. I have been an advocate of strong economic development initiatives since many years ago when I was a member of the city of Lansing economic development corporation. Eaton County maintains its own economic development committee which is responsible for providing assistance and services to businesses contemplating moving into the area or expanding here. The Eaton county EDC also provides related economic development services and information to the Eaton County Board of Commissioners.

In the past Eaton County has had some significant “wins" in the battle to attract businesses and industries to our County. One such example of an economic development victory for Eaton County is demonstrated by the decision of General Motors to relocate one of their newest state-of-the-art factories right here in Delta township of Eaton County. That project reflects not only the rich resources available here in Eaton County and the Tri-County area, but it also reflects the highly skilled workforce in this area and the willingness of labor and management in that industry to collaborate here for the overall good of business and our Community.

Embedded below is a press release announcing a new victory for economic development by the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) in Potterville - right here in Eaton County. This partnership is dedicated to expanding economic growth throughout the Tri-County area including the city of Lansing and Eaton County. This new Economic Development project is an example of how the community benefits from concerted efforts between the local communities and businesses in our area. My commitment is to be supportive of economic and job development right here in Eaton County!

The role of County government is to facilitate and attract business with the objective of improving the quality of life of all of the Eaton County residents. Businesses contemplating moving to Eaton County focus on a number of factors including the skill and morale of the local workforce, and also the willingness of local governments to be cooperative to provide incentives, tax relief, and assistance to businesses looking to relocate or expand here.

In order to gain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Eaton County from an economic development standpoint, I have embedded a link to the website of "Zoom prospector" which is a website maintained by GIS Planning, Inc. That website maintains an economic development tool which can be utilized by both businesses and local governments and members of the general public to assess the strength and weaknesses of the local area for economic development purposes. The link provided shows the economic development assessment and data relating to Eaton County. Check out the “economic heat” feature of the website to see how Eaton County compares with other counties in Michigan in terms of resources to attract new enterprise!

If you have questions relating to economic development opportunities in Eaton County, please contact the Eaton County economic development corporation or the local economic development corporation serving your locality here in Eaton County. If you have comments, suggestions, or general questions, please contact me to express your concerns.

Economic Development Continues to Grow Here in Eaton County

New Jobs for Eaton County Workers!

How Does Eaton County Stack Up as a Location for Economic Growth Here in Michigan?

Use the Zoom Prospector® Tool Below to Learn About the Resources Available Here in Eaton County to Support Economic Development and Job Growth!

Visit the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP)

At http://www.purelansing.com/