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Thank you for visiting my website to consider Public Transportation Issues in Eaton County. One of my Goals as a newly elected Eaton County Commissioner is to move towards an enhanced Public Transportation system here in Eaton County which addresses the needs of Eaton County Residents while enhancing economic development, jobs, and the Quality of Life of our residents and persons living in the Tri-County Area.

This site is under development and subject to continuous change in content. Please visit often and provide YOUR input on topics related to Public Transportation issues in our area.

I invite you to visit my statement of goals on this website and look at my goals for public transportation. This topic is one which has generated considerable interest in Eaton County over the past few years. I hope that Eaton County will be able to Move Forward on this Matter in the Near Future.

A copy of a recent study on Public Transportation in Eaton County entitled “Proposed Public Transportation Plan” is embedded below on this page. I invite you to take time to review that report, and hope that you will share it with others in Eaton County and the Tri-County area who have an interest in this topic. A copy of the report can also be downloaded in PDF format here.

Although I am not appointed to represent the Board of Commissioners on EATRAN matters, I do have a strong interest in this program. It is important to many of the residents who live in the 4th District. You may also want to let Commissioner Jim Osieczonek know of your concerns or thoughts relating to public transportation. Commissioner Osieczonek is the Commission’s representative to the EATRAN board here in Eaton County.

If you have comments or suggestions, please send those to me. Thanks for your help and support!

“Proposed Public Transportation Plan for Delta Township and Eaton County,” A Consulting Study by Grimes Transportation Consulting LLC

Tri-CountyOffice of Regional Planning

The Tri-County Office of Regional Planning is extensively involved in planning and coordinating services across the Tri-County area which relate to public transportation within the reason. You are encouraged to visit the Tri-County Office of Regional Planning website to learn more about the public policy issues relating to public transportation. Tri-County also offers public information and community discussion sessions relating to planning for public transportation and economic development issues in the Eaton County area.

Information Provided by CATA relating to the Benefits of Public Transportation and the Financing of Public Transportation

Howard’s 9/18/13 Press Release on Delta Township Public Transportation Needs

Howard’s Extended/Detailed Comments on Delta Township Public Transportation Needs (9/18/13)