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Public Safety and Judiciary Issues

One of the most basic and important government functions offered in Eaton County is to assure the public safety of Eaton County Residents. The safety of our community, the maintenance of law and order, and the peaceful resolution of disputes hinges on a well functioning Sheriff Department and a Judicial System which is Fair, Fast, and Efficient.

I am presently appointed to the Eaton County Board of Commissioners Committee on Public Safety. I am also a Member of the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee of the Michigan Association of Counties. In those roles I have the opportunity to serve residents of Eaton County to help set policies relating to public safety and the Courts which impact on us all in our daily lives.

I have set some public policy goals relating to public safety for Eaton County in the coming year. I solicit your feedback and comments on matters affecting your safety in Eaton County.

Our newly elected Sheriff Tom Reich is dedicated to improving the service and protection provided by the Sheriff’s Department. His Department and Staff also provide Police and Protection Services for the Delta Township area of Eaton County, including here in the 4th District. Visit the web page for the Delta Patrol for more Information.

I look forward to working with Sheriff Reich as he and his staff Protect us and help Move Eaton County and Delta Township Forward!


One of the most important functions of the Sheriff’s Department relates to “Community Policing” where law enforcement officers come into direct contact with residents of Eaton County to instill in them respect for law and order, and provide basic knowledge to residents about how to protect themselves from dangers and predators. The Sheriff’s department’s community policing efforts are especially important when it comes to interacting with our children and youth. The Goals I set for Diversity and EEO for Eaton County are especially important in the interface between government and county residents which occurs in the community policing efforts.

The Delta Patrol of the Sheriff’s department continues to be positively involved in community policing efforts in the 4th District – especially in the public schools.

Eaton County Sheriff Deputy Lt. Jeff Campbell involved in Community Policing in the Schools in Delta Township