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Eaton County Michigan - A Great Place to Live and Play

One of the Issues presently facing County government and the Eaton County Board of Commissioners relates to whether the County should accept the “gift” of a large parcel of land in Eaton County with a very large lake on it for dedication as a park and recreation area. There is a great potential for this area to become a park which encourages economic development and tourism in the county while also providing residents and visitors with a premier recreational and boating experience.

Both the aspects of economic development and enhanced recreational facilities and opportunities are consistent with the set of Goals I have set for Eaton County in 2013.

At this point I tend to favor accepting the land gift and developing it in a manner consistent with our budgetary resources over the next several years. The Eaton County Parks Department has put together a very thorough and persuasive Press Release which discusses the project and its feasibility in some detail. I have placed a copy of that Press release or set of FAQs on this web page below.

Please contact me or your County Commissioner to share your views and thoughts on this proposed Park!