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I am very happy to be appointed a member of the Eaton County Board of Commissioners Committee for Human Services. Eaton County government, in Conjunction with the State of Michigan Department of Human Services, works to assure that each and every resident of Eaton County receives the support and assistance he or she needs to live healthy lives in dignity, and in hopes of getting a “hand up” towards a better future for themselves and their children.

I am dedicated to the proposition that Eaton County residents should receive the services they need to lead healthy, productive lives and to achieve the services and resources they need for better lives.

I am still learning about the many services and programs available from DHS through the Eaton County Department of Human Services and other supportive agencies such as Tri-County Community Mental Health and also the various other area programs developed to deal with human problems including drug abuse, addiction, juvenile and child protection, and support for victims of domestic assault or abuse.

Please contact me with your comments on Eaton County DHS and related Health programs, their effectiveness, and even how they have helped you meet your every day health and family safety needs!