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One of the very important programs offered within Eaton County is the County health Department. Eaton County and Barry County share a district health department. The organizational chart for the health department is embedded below.

Among the very important services and programs offered within the health department are clinics, community health initiatives including controlling communicable diseases and providing immunizations, environmental health concerns, and assisting residents with substance abuse problems and issues.

I am working with a number of the subcommittees and collaborative organizations which provide input to Health Care initiatives throughout Eaton County. The work of this very important County Department addresses health care needs of ALL county residents – including children and young people, as well as older residents of Eaton and Barry County.

The Health and Human Services collaborative subcommittee meets monthly at the Eaton intermediate school district building in Charlotte to exchange information, ideas, and resources relating to concerns addressing Health Care and related support services which benefit some of our most vulnerable residents here in Eaton County.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with the services offered by the health department, and to take advantage of the many beneficial programs which are presently being offered. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions relating to the role of the Eaton County Board of commissioners and the health department oversight function, please contact me to share those.

Some interesting information recently exchanged by participants at the collaborative meeting is set forth below in this Web page.

Data Shared by the Health Department at the Collaborative Committee Meeting Shows That Eaton County Still Needs to Work Harder to Address Health Care Issues of Our Children