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Agriculture in Eaton County

A very large part of the economy here in Eaton County relates to the business of agriculture. My own previous experience and background has not given me expertise or in depth knowledge of the business of agriculture. However, the importance of agriculture here and the benefits that the residents of Eaton County realize as the result of a significant and flourishing agriculture economy are obvious. Indeed, Eaton County is a part of the "bread basket" of Michigan and the Midwest. Agriculture in Eaton County varies from the small farmstead to large agriculture business enterprises which employee numerous people either directly or indirectly.

During my term on the Eaton County Board of commissioners, I hope to familiarize myself with the details and significance of the business of agriculture and our county. While I would likely defer in this area to my Board of Commission colleagues who have greater expertise and experience in the area, I am certainly prepared to be supportive of decisions at the County Commissioner level which would tend to enhance agriculture and facilitate agriculture grown and this business providing a satisfactory livelihood for many of the Eaton County residents.

I have embedded in this website page below a copy of a summary analysis of the agriculture business within the Tri-County area. If you have comments or questions, or information to share with the that you believe would be helpful to me as I attempt to represent all of the residence and interests within our county, please do not hesitate to contact me. Additional information on agribusiness in Eaton county can be obtained from the local branch of the Michigan Farm Bureau, or your local state representative, Representative Theresa Abed.