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The Eaton County court system

Eaton County is blessed with an efficient and fair judicial system which allows for County residents to resolve disputes through the formal litigation process. Our Judges here in Eaton County resolve significant civil litigation cases, and also assist the residents of this County with the many transactions and issues which arise relating to family law and probate law. The Eaton County court system also maintains an active and busy criminal Justice adjudication system designed to protect the rights of individuals who are accused of crimes and other violations of law. The Courts work with law enforcement and the Eaton County Prosecutor to keep us all safe and to protect our rights as individuals.

I, as a lawyer, occasionally appear before judges in the Eaton County judicial system representing the interests of my private sector clients. The great majority of my own private law practice is in Ingham County Courts and in the Appellate Courts maintained by the State of Michigan. I also maintain an active practice in administrative law before executive branch agencies of state government where I represent clients on a wide variety of administrative Law and regulatory law matters.

In addition to being involved in dispute resolution in the formal legal setting within the judiciary or within the State of Michigan administrative hearings system, I serve as an arbitrator for a number of arbitration panels including the American Arbitration Association, FINRA, and the Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC).

Because of my frequent involvement in the judicial, administrative law, and arbitration settings, there may from time to time arise the potential for conflicts. I constantly am on guard to avoid conflicts, and I am committed to making decisions in my role as a Commissioner which are in the best interests of the residents of Eaton County. If there does arise an occasion were my own personal interests could potentially affect my judgment or decision on an issue before me as a commissioner, I would disclose that potential conflict and consider removing myself from acting on such matters.

Eaton County Courts

Michigan State Courts

State Administrative Hearings

Eaton County Prosecutor’s Office