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Drug and substance abuse in Eaton County

I am appointed to represent the County Board of Commissioners as a member of the Eaton County Substance Abuse Advisory Group (ECSAAG). I am also representing the Board of Commissioners on the substance abuse committee of Tri-County Community Mental Health (CMH).

ECSAAG is a collaboration of numerous County and regional agencies which have joined together with the purpose of attempting to coordinate efforts to address problems of criminal activity and mental and community health which derive from abuse of drug and alcohol substances.

As information provided on this website page below indicates, there are significant substance abuse problems presently developing in Eaton County and the surrounding area relating to significant abuse of prescription drugs and derivatives of those drugs. In particular, methamphetamine (“meth”) constitutes an escalating problem in the Tri-County area. “Meth” is often described by scientists and medical professions as being the world’s most dangerous drug!

If you want to learn more about Meth and its impact on our communities and children, check out “The World’s Most Dangerous Drug,” a YouTube video … This extended informational video is approximately 45 minutes long.

I have realized the tragedy of how substance abuse can ruin the lives of our young people – even among members of my own extended family and some of my friends. During the time when I ran a prison facility in the Michigan Department of Corrections years ago, I came to realize how drugs can rob our community of individuals with great potential and hope. I am committed to working towards efforts which educate our community and assist those of our children and friends who become caught up in the cycle of substance abuse and addiction. I know from first-hand experience and interaction with staff persons from the agencies which constitute the Eaton County substance abuse advisory group that there is a cadre of dedicated, skilled, and able employees of this County working tirelessly to defeat this insidious problem which threatens our communities and families.

I urge all of the residents of Eaton County to take advantage of the resources offered by the various agencies within the Eaton County Substance Abuse Advisory Group to combat and defeat this problem before it grows to the point that many more lives are ruined and the resources of this County are significantly taxed as a result of a need to deal with both the health issues and the crime issues deriving from substance abuse.

Below embedded in this page you will find some of the summary materials which have been provided by the groups within the Eaton County substance abuse advisory group – including the Eaton County Sheriff's Department, the Barry Eaton County health Department, Tri-County community mental health, and the Eaton intermediate school district located in Charlotte, Michigan. Please review those materials, down load them, and share them with your friends and neighbors who might also be recruited to join in this battle to save other residents of Eaton County from drug abuse addiction and related criminal behavior.

Combating substance abuse is one area where the individual residents in Eaton County can make a significant contribution to the well-being of our community and our children and friends. Several of the organizations which participate in the Eaton County substance abuse advisory group have task forces and staff persons who are willing to go out into the community to help educate individual citizens and civic groups and educators about the dangers of substance abuse in Eaton County, and the programs which are available to help those who have become caught up and addiction and substance abuse. They would love for you or your group to invite them to come to you to make presentations about this very real and dangerous problem existing right here in the Eaton County area.

Below is embedded as a link in this web page a two part series by WLNS TV 6 which discusses evidence of the Methamphetamine problems found here in the Greater Lansing area and Eaton County. According to Eaton Sheriff Department Sergeant Wriggelsworth, the Meth problem in Eaton County is significantly escalating at this point in time.

If you are willing and able to volunteer in this effort to combat substance abuse, or if you desire that your organization, club, church, or civic group receive information and education relating to what is actually a serious substance abuse problem existing here in Eaton County, I urge you to contact members of the organizations within the Eaton County Substance Abuse Advisory Group.

Key contacts in this effort who you should contact to arrange training or to receive additional information are: (1) Sgt. Mark Wriggelsworth of the Eaton County Sheriff Department. His email is MWriggelsworth@EatonCounty.org. His phone number is 517-323-8480 (extension 113). (2) Sara Lurie of the Eaton County intermediate school district. Her email is SLurie@EatonISD.org. Her phone number is 517-541-8711.

Volunteer work combating substance abuse and alcohol abuse is a very worthwhile investment of your time and effort. I urge each of you who can to consider working to address issues of drug abuse and illegal drug trafficking here in Eaton County. Your concern and involvement could pay great dividends to our community and to our children in particular!

“Meth Moves In” (Parts 1 & 2)

A Two Part News Program of WLNS TV

(Aired in the Tri-County Area Feb 7 and 8, 2013)

The embedded links below are to news reports which run on Servers of WLNS TV Channel 6, Lansing, MI News Report

By Emerald Morrow

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