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Howard’s Politics

I am elected to the Eaton County Board of commissioners as a Democrat representing the 4th district of Eaton County (Delta township area). I pride myself on attempting to be objective when considering public policy issues and matters relating to the general welfare of citizens in Eaton County. My goal is to represent the interests of “100%” of the residents in Eaton County. My approach to most matters is a bipartisan approach, and some of the policy positions which I will take may not be those of either other Democratic or Republican colleagues on the Board of commissioners.

I regard most of my political positions and public policy decisions to be of a “liberal” or "progressive" nature. Many of my public policy decisions reflect my early life exposure to Christian teaching and principles.

I have never forgotten my own personal origins and history, and I am dedicated to helping others find their own best place in life. I regard myself as an individual who is supportive of programs and projects designed to help people improve their lives and the lives of members of their families.

If you have questions relating to public policy positions which I take on any issue, do not hesitate to contact me!

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