Many of the decisions made by the Board of Commissioners relate to regular business items that deal with the “nuts and bolts” of running a government organization with over 400 employees. Most of the “work” of the Board is done in the five committees established by the Board. Often the recommendations of the Committees are quickly adopted without much discussion at the regularly scheduled monthly Board meetings. You are welcome to attend Board meetings and to make limited public comments at appropriate points during the Board meeting. You may also attend most Commission committee meetings.

Some of the issues which the Board is attempting to address at this time may be of interest to you. Take a look at the Board agendas and the Minutes of the most recent Board meetings to see what is now being discussed and acted upon by the county commissioners at the Board of Commissioners meetings. A few of the “hot topics” being discussed by the Commissioners at the present time which may be of interest to You include the following:

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1. Reviewing the feasibility of continuing or discontinuing full retirement health care benefits for some current Eaton county employee; it appears that the costs to the county for maintaining such health care benefits for retirees and their families is presently an unfunded liability which may significantly drain county resources in the future and require curtailing benefits and services, or raising revenues (taxes) at some future point.

2. Reviewing the feasibility of accepting a large parcel of land with a very large lake as a gift to be used in the future as a county park and recreation area. The development of this land as a county park might take a significant amount of time.

3.  Reviewing current county employment EEO and Diversity policies to see if those policies have been successful in encouraging reasonable diversity in the county workforce to date.